Mike Pike Reaper Spinner

Mike Pike Reaper Spinner


The Reaper Rotary DD (direct drive) aka spinner, by Mike Pike and Jojo Ackermann

- this aluminum lightweight powerhouse rotary is 5 axis cut aircraft aluminum
-powered by a top of the line precision sealed bearing Maxon motor made just for this machine. quite possibly the best you have ever used , it has been for me, and a lot of the worlds best tattooers
- comfortable and ergonomic for your hand with a tube vice that will bite and hold all disposable and stainless tubes
- the wing nut won't ride your hand and get in your way
- the adjustable fully balanced cam is perfectly balanced mill cut on the back so you can't see it and offers you the opportunity to custom set your own personal stroke for whatever you like
- the cam varies from 1.0 to 3.75 stroke,but the stroke can be made to 4.0-4.5 by bypassing the measurement marks . 123
- if you like a longer throw. the reaper rotary works great for color packing, shading and if you turn it down a bit and this machine puts in black and grey smooth and soft. 
- this machine weighs a total of 4.3 oz, it's light as fuck and is a power house
- each machine comes with a 2 year warranty and all parts . Unless you fuck it up or take it apart. it's sealed, if you try to take it apart you will mess it up
- if your one of those tattooers that doesn't bag your machines, wipe it down, it won't hurt it
- each machine comes with a hex key so you can adjust the cam and a lil tube of oil...every few months put a small amount on the cam bearing if needed
- running volts loaded is up to how you tattoo
- remember it's almost silent, you'll get use to it fast and love it . 

This isn't some imported piece of shit, it's all made here in my shop . Each machine has been tested and ran loaded for two hours before they get boxed.  

Made in the USA by real tattooers Mike Pike and Jojo Ackermann, we are the only ones that touch em . Built with love by real tattooers for tattooers. So step up your game.

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