Seth Ciferri Weiner Dog Liner Kit

Seth Ciferri Weiner Dog Liner Kit


Includes everything needed to build a nice tattoo machine...

- CNC Cut Iron Weiner Dog V2 Frame
- Drop Down Rear End and Drop Down Vise Allowing More Space While Maintaining Mini Geometry
- Standard Workhorse Red Oxide Finish on Frame
- Workhorse Blackened Hardware and Antiqued Coin Thumbscrew
- Armature Bar (liner or shader, depends on what you order) 
- Steel binding posts and Chris Smith copper contact screw
- 2 Spring Sets with each kit
- 1" 8 Wrap Un-Soldered Workhorse Coils Plus Capacitor Kit
- Insulator Package (coil covering, lug covers, capacitor cover, wire housing, connection covering)
- All Screws you'll need, and some extras. (all screws are TORX drive. T15 and T25)
- Wrenches (since the kit utilizes TORX screws, i'm including the T25 and T15 wrenches needed to handle them.) 
- Washer Package including all washers needed... (steel, fiber, and shims) 

*NOTE: i cannot, and will not be available to offer ANY building or tuning advice for these kits. these include all of the same parts i use to build my production machines, and the quality is above and beyond anything i've used or offered in the past. 

and we are proud to say that all parts are made in the USA.

thanks, good luck, and have fun with your new project!

seth c.

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