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Exclusive  Authorized Canadian Distributor of Workhorse Tattoo Machines and Tattoo Supplies


Tattoo Machines

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Quality handmade rotary & relay machines from
SOBA, Aaron Cain, Seth Ciferri, Cory Rogers, 
Chris Smith, Mike Pike, and Joshua Bowers.


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Quality parts & manufacturing

Frames are constructed of a malleable “ductile“ iron. The coil cores and armature bars are low carbon steel, which promotes conductivity and minimal magnetic flux. Brass binding posts and silicone bronze alloy contact screws insure proper contact between critical points of electrical circumvolution. All coils are “6 wrap“ or “8 wrap“ which means there are literally either 6 or 8 layers of magnet wire encircling the insulated steel core.



Since 2003, Workhorse Irons has supplied professional tattoo artists worldwide with the highest quality machines and supplies available.  With a promise of handmade craftsmanship, our products will help you apply your skills with efficiency and pride.

Quality &

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