Adam Ciferri Wrap Around Liner

Adam Ciferri Wrap Around Liner


Adam Ciferri Wraparound Liner
- Tuned for all-day, every-day street shop and/or custom tattooing
- Medium to Hard Hit that easily pushes 5's to 11's
- Runs 135-140 Hz @ 5.5 Volts Unloaded
- CNC Cut Iron with the highest precision and care
- Gloss Black Powder Coat Finish
- Deluxe Matching Hardware
- Built and Tuned by Adam Ciferri

A few words from Adam on his history with this machine:

"The Wraparound is the first machine I made for Workhorse Irons. After 13 years and a few versions later, this is the machine I hoped the Wraparound would be. Machined from ductile Iron and offered as liner or shader. The Wraparound is well-balanced, medium weight, and smooth running. The Wraparound is proof that you might be able to go golfing with just one club."
- Respectfully, Adam C.

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